Okay, now it’s settled. There is no way back. Flight tickets have been booked, Race ticket is booked and I’ve been on national television telling: I’m going to the OCR World Championship – 24 hours Enduro!

With a little twist! I’m doing the race, to raise money for children with cancer as a “FundRacer” like I’ve done for the past 3 years. So for each kilometer I run, I raise more money for the children. Talk about motivation eh?
Hint: You can find my fundraising, and support it here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1961840047478087/10155508392319615/

I’m fairly realistic, I’ve got no intentions about go to Australia to win the race. My ambition is to do my very best, enjoy the race the best I can and get as far as possible without dying (Unless a dropbear hits my face;) )

“But why?” most people ask me… Well, why not? I’ve done more than a 100 OCR races now, including the “standard” OCRWC twice. But I have never raced for 24 hours. So when OCRWC announced the “24 hours – Enduro” I was thrilled. I immediately started planning this trip.
I’m flying in from Denmark for this race, so it’s a 24 hours flight to get there. I’m not flying 24 hours, just to do a 5k race, and then head off again. No, THIS is the challenge of a lifetime! It’s going to be something I will look back at for the rest of my life, proudly telling my future kids about “When dad was young… I did the OCRWC Enduro”.

And then it’s in Australia… For me, that’s just a bonus! I Love that country, and any excuse to get back there, is a good excuse. I’ve hooked up with another racer (Michael Schjøtt, overall number 5 at WTM 2017). And after the race, we planned to fly up to cairns and enjoy a bit of what this amazing country can offer.

Imagine… lying on a beach at Whitsundays, enjoying some heat thinking back at all the adventures, the stories, the new friends I’ve made on the track at Enduro… What’s not to like?

Now, I’ve participated in 2 events organized by the OCRWC crew before. In the “Cradle of OCR” Kings Domain in Ohio, and in Blue Mountains, Canada. Both events has been extraordinary fantastic. With the mantra “Athletes first” they make sure nothing is missing, and spare no expense on giving you the perfect raceweekend. And they make sure, you’ll never forget it (With the pictures to prove it). This picture is so far the highlight in my OCR time… Crossing the finishline at my first OCR World Championship

This event just shows, I will follow them to the end of the world, to get this experience… And imagine this: The first OCRWC Dual Crown (Yeah, I’m going to London too baby!)

I know it’s just called Dual Crown if I win both events, but in my world it’s a dual crown just to finish booth events 😉

So, what can I expect from OCRWC – 24 hours Enduro?

So far, there’s not really that much information released about the race:

– June 9th
– 11 km track
– Same track as True Grit + some new OCRWC obstacles

But I know for a fact, that the Athletes Guide will be released within a few weeks 😀 Exciting!!

So basically, I need to prepare for anything. Weatherwise it could be 0 degrees, or 15 degrees. It could be snow, rain or sunny.

The event is held roughly 100 km outside Sydney, so we are going to hire a Campervan and live in that right next to the event site. And might spend a few days there in advance, to get to know the area a bit.
If you don’t want a campervan, OCRWC has found some hotels nearby for athletes: http://ocrworldchampionships.com/enduro-accommodations/

I’ve found some pictures from last years True Grit – Going long. As inspiration to what to expect. But for now, I just have to wait until I get there. But that’s part of the fun, not knowing what to expect!

True Grit 2017: http://truegrit.zenfolio.com/p554336246

I’ve found a Facebook group, full of athletes who has done True Grit in the past, and newcomers that like me is preparing for their first 24 hours race in Australia. In this group, you can ask any questions, hear stories and just “meet” the people you are going to race with Down Under:


But right now, I just have to run… a lot 😉 And find the right gear, so I’m prepared for anything… Including DropBears 😀

See you in 5 months!

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