I’ve been told, that a big part of a successful 24 hours extreme race, is preparation for anything. In the past, when I had to prepare for big challenges, I found comfort in knowing that I’ve done all I could in preparation, and it must never be the gear that fails me.

Plus it’s a perfect excuse to always buy new gear, and usually go for the best of the best! 😀 Perfect for a nerd like me.
I’m never gonna be running for a podium, but I can still optimize my conditions to give myself the best possible experience. When I’m doing the 24 hours, I’m not running and struggling with the other racers. I’m only gonna fight and push myself. And mentally, it’s a big thing for me, knowing that I’ve got my gear sorted out.

So I’ve spend a lot of time talking to other runners, reading reviews, testing and trying to put together the best possible package for myself. And with the mantra “Nothing new on raceday”, I have to get prepared in advance. I’ve made this blog in English, and hopefully help others out and remind them what to pack when the time comes!

If you have any questions regarding any of the gear, let me know: jb@fundracers.dk

I’ve separated the list into different categories:

  1. Race gear
  2. Nutrition (Future blog)
  3. Medic aid (Future blog)
  4. Others (Future Blog)


Race gear

I’ve might gone a bit “overboard” on this part, but I’ll never do anything halfway. If you gotta do something, might as well do it right in the first place 😀

SwimRun suit: Zone3
Model:  Evolution 2018
Link: : https://zone3.com/product/mens-evolution/

Review: I’ve been told, that this is one of my most important items on the list. This will be mandatory during the night. I’m from Denmark, and quite used to the cold weather when running (Our winter lasts 6 months). But cold and wet, won’t be my favorite condition, so might want to test this a bit more. Zone3 Evolution is the same suit as Jonathan Albon and Ryan Atkins uses, and if it’s good enough for the 2 best in the world, it’s good enough for me 😉 I’ve testet it a few times in Denmark, jumping through the ice in a frozen lake, and then head out for a run. Worked perfectly… A bit heavy to run with, but that’s better than being freezing cold.


Watch: Garmin
Model: Fenix 5x
Link: https://buy.garmin.com/da-DK/DK/p/560327/pn/010-01733-03#

Review: I needed a top quality watch, giving me all the necessary information, and with a long batterylife. And at the same time, I need a watch that can handle the beating from 30-40 OCR races a year. And I haven’t used any watches as much as I use my Fenix 5x! The build in HR, helps me all day, and really made me aware of my sleeping patterns. So I adjusted, and made sure that I slept better, and this gives me the energy to workout every day at my max. This watch have all the data I need, and uses roughly 7% battery, on a half marathon. So hopefully I can keep it going for all 24 hours in Australia

I’m bringing more than 1 pair, so I can change and adapt to the conditions

Pair 1:
Model: Salomon S/lab Sense Ultra

Link: https://www.salomon.com/dk/product/s-lab-sense-ultra.html?article=393259

Review: I’m a shoe-aholic. And I’ve been testing a lot of different shoes, in order to find my perfect racing shoe for long distance OCR. Salomon have a concept called S/Lab, where they produce some really high quality gear. And they made the highest rated running shoes (According to: https://runrepeat.com/ranking/rankings-of-running-shoes) in the S/slab series. And they made a special “Ultra” version, with extra comfort. This shoe is by far the best trail shoe I’ve had, and I’ve raced more than 100+ races. So my primary shoe is going to be this version!

Pair 2:
Model: Inov8 X-claw 275
Link: https://www.inov-8.com/eu/trail-running/shoes-by-activity/trail-running/x-claw-275-mens-trail-running-shoes-black-red

Review: As I don’t really know the terrain, I thought I’d bring a backup pair with a little more grip. And a model that doesn’t contain the water when it get’s wet. For really muddy races, this combinationshoe from Inov8 takes the best from the X-talon and Mudclaw shoes, and combine them into one. This shoe is also a bit wider than the average trail shoe, giving my big feet room to breathe. Would have to have blisters and bad nails during the 24 hours 😉

Socks: CEP Compression
Model: Merino
Link: https://cepcompression.com/collections/mens-full-compression-socks/products/mens-outdoor-merino-socks?variant=51376544772

Review: I’ve been told that compression socks should help my running, so I turned to the best of the best. There’s quite a few different models, but I’ve been adviced to go for a Merino Whool version, due to the water and heat during the race. They should be able to selfadjust the temperature and dry easily.
So I’ve been running with them for 4 halfmarathons now, and they really do feel great, light and supporting my calf. So can’t complain, and I think they will be perfect for any ropeclimbs/crossings, so I won’t get burned.

Tights: Skins
Model: DNAmic Thermal (Long and 2/3 long)
Link: https://www.skins.net/eu/dnamic-thermal-mens-long-tights.html#color=black/pewter

Review: Well, again I don’t really know what to expect. I’ve been warned to prepare myself for anything between -5 degrees to +15. And I guess it’s gonna change through the 24 hours no matter what.
Skins is a high quality compression brand, and my logic tells me, that it’s easier to get colder, than get warmer. So might as well make sure I can keep warm, and then loose some of my clothing if needed.
So I went for the DNAmic Thermal gear, and so far I love my decision. It keeps me warm, doesn’t get heavy when wet, and dries up pretty quick. I’ve made sure that I bring full length, 2/3 length and shot tights, so I can change and adapt to the conditions.

Top: Skins
Model: DNAmic Thermal (Long and short sleeved)
Link: https://www.skins.net/eu/dnamic-thermal-mens-l-s-mock-neck.html#color=black/pewter

Review: Same thing goes as the tights. DNAmic Thermal to stay warm as long as possible, and then brought gear so I can switch it up a bit.

Race Gloves: Mechanix
Model: M-pact Fingerless
Link: http://www.mechanix.com/m-pact-fingerless-fingerless-gloves

Review: Gloves, or no gloves? That is the question. For many OCR runners, that question is almost religious 😀 For me, I don’t care… If I’m freezing my fingers, I’m wearing gloves! I remember back at OCRWC 2015 in Ohio, we had clear blue sky all week with 25 degrees. And then we got to raceday, elite start 08:00: 0 degrees and there was frost on the grass as we where sent off. Many people didn’t prepare and a lot of the racers lost their bands. I’m really happy I had my gloves with me, not because of the grip, but they kept my fingers warm enough to still work. And at Enduro I’m sure the cold is going to be a factor, so I’m bringing my gloves! I’ve found this Mechanix version, that doesn’t get slippery or suck up water. And the fingerless version allows me to keep my gripstrength all along.

Neoprene Gloves: Zone 3
Model: Neoprene Heat Tech Gloves
Link: https://www.zone3.com/product/neoprene-heat-tech-swim-gloves/

Review: I’ve been told Neoprene is a must during the night… Haven’t tried it yet. But There Heat Tech Gloves is made for swimming in the ocean, so I’m pretty sure they are good enough. Only problem I’ve had with them during my winterruns, is I get sweaty hands. And sweat and cold isn’t a good combination. So my hands have been freezing off a few times, of the gloves wasn’t completely dry when I started out. But… they have a good grip, and I’m brining them.

Neoprene socks: Zone 3
Model: Neoprene Heat Tech Socks
Link: https://www.zone3.com/product/neoprene-heat-tech-bootie-sock/

Review: Same thing as the gloves, really efficient and keeping the heat inside. But also the sweat. I’ve been doing a few runs with these socks, and when I start sweating it’s a bad thing for my feet. I’m bringing them, as the conditions might need them. But I’m hoping that I won’t need them during the race.

Headwear: Craft
Model: Brilliant Thermal 2.0
Link: https://www.craftsportswear.com/da/B2C%20-%20Craft/sport-2e869cde/run/1904302-9999-702dde19/

Review: I needed something for my head. I’ve got a Neoprene hat from Zone3 as well, but hopefully a normal running hat is enough. The Thermal should keep me warm.

Headlamp: Black Diamond
Model: Stobe Light
Link: https://eu.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_DK/headlamps-and-lanterns/stride-strobe-light-BD620632BLAKALL1.html#cgid=lighting&start=11

Review: Quite simply the best headlamp out there. Waterproof, lights up the whole area around you, and affordable as well. I’m bringing 2, so I have a backup. But it stays on the head, and does the job perfectly

Running jacket: Nike
Model: Shield (Wind and waterproof)
Link: https://www.nike.com/t/shield-mens-running-jacket-MPMznD

Review: Nothing fancy, but nice for running when it’s raining, and if the wind is too hard on us, it’s nice to have as a backup. Hopefully I don’t need it, but I need to be well prepared for anything.

Model: Deephood long sleeved
Link: https://dryrobe.com/collections/frontpage/products/dryrobe-advance-long-sleeve?variant=814652719113

Review: Best investment for a long time, especially in icecold Denmark 😀 It’s sooooo comfortable, and perfect for wearing on top of your racesuits to keep warm. I could just live in it! J

Hydrationvest: Salomon
Model: S/Lab Sense Ultra 8 Set
Link: https://www.salomon.com/dk/product/s-lab-sense-ultra-5-set.html?article=401699

Review: I’ve tested belts, Camelbaks and so on, but nothing really worked out for me. Running long distance, hydration is a key ingredient for me. And I won’t have some belt on my waist jumping up and down for 24 hours. And a bag combined with obstacles, just isn’t the best idea. I finally found the right solution for me: Salomon S/Lab Sense Ultra 8 hydration vest.
Sit’s tight and perfectly, nothing is bouncing and the soft bottles is perfect. And even better, you can buy extra bottles, so your pitcrew can prepare a set for you. So you just switch it up, and run off within a few seconds.

I hope you got a little inspiration from my list! Let me know if I left something out, or you have any questions for any of the gear 🙂


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